QUICKjump Free Fall Device

The QUICKjump Free Fall Device uses our eddy current magnetic braking technology to provide an exciting “free fall” experience. The QUICKjump can be used in a variety of applications, including platform egress and a “leap of faith.” Or… just JUMP!

QUICKjump can be mounted at a maximum height of 12.5m (41 ft), and it provides an exhilirating free fall of 2.5m (8.3ft) that can be extended with an optional 1.5m RipCord to a 3.66m (12ft) free fall before our patented magnetic braking technology softly catches the rider and lowers them to the ground.

The QUICKjump XL can be mounted at a maximum height of 20m (65.5 ft), and it provides a true free fall of 3.26m (10.7ft) that can be extended with the 1.5m RipCord to 5.5m (18ft) or with the 3m RipCord to a breathtaking free fall sendation that's 7m (23.2ft) long.

QUICKjump XS ProductIntroducing the newest member of the QUICKjump family: The QUICKjump XS
(available now for delivery early February 2016)

Head Rush’s QUICKjump XS joins our existing QUICKjump family of free fall devices to bring a thrilling free fall experience to facilities with limited mounting heights. It’s ideal for family entertainment centers, fun climbs, or any kid-oriented activity center.

  • Works for facilities with lower mounting heights
    • Minimum Mounted Height: Approximately 4.5 m (15 ft)
    • Maximum Mounted Height: Approximately 8.0 m (26 ft)
  • Specifically designed for participants from 35 to 150 lbs. (20 to 68 kg)
  • Device Weight: Approximately 19.75 kg (44 lbs)
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