QUICKjump Free Fall Device on Mars!

Have you ever wanted to feel what’s it like to descend onto the Red Planet? Thanks to NASA’s Space Center Houston and their unique application of the QUICKjump Free Fall Device, you can!  We are so excited to see yet another awesome QUICKjump Free Fall Device installation in the news.  In this highly interactive exhibit, participants get to feel what it’s like to descend onto Mars. The attraction, “7 Seconds of Terror,” is part of the new “Facing Mars” exhibit.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind:


In “7 Seconds of Terror,  Free Fall to Mars,” guests climb stairs to a platform about 27 feet above the floor. After putting on a safety harness, guests descend to a padded landing zone, slowed by eddy current braking, the self-regulating braking technology that we use in all of our devices.

Here’s some great local news coverage of Space Center Houston’s “Facing Mars” Exhibit:

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The “Facing Mars” exhibit will be available to the public all summer through September 1st!

Facing Mars Promotional Clip: