ZipZone Peachland's Leap of Faith

Climb an 80ft pole situated right on the edge of a 300ft canyon…and JUMP! ZipZone Adventure Park located in Peachland, British Colombia recently unveiled the newest addition to their zip line park. They call it the Leap of Faith and it’s made for the adrenaline junkie in each of us!

You start by clipping into a TRUBLUE Auto Belay as you climb a pole that has been transformed into an impressive 80ft climbing structure. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the panoramic 360 view of  beautiful trees and rolling hills of the Okanagan Valley and of course the view of the 300ft drop beneath you! Once you’re ready, it’s time for the epic Leap of Faith! You clip into the QUICKjump XL with 3 meter rip cord and take a free fall leap.

Great local news coverage of the Leap of Faith at ZipZone Peachland:

This exhilarating attraction at ZipZone Adventure Park with it’s TRUBLUE ascent and QUICKjump descent is a great example of a creative installation of both of these products. It also shows the versatility and the endless ways you can install them at your own facility.

Kevin Bennett, co-owner of the ZipZone Adventure Park says, “It’s not for everybody but for those people that really want an adrenaline rush and who are at the extreme end of extreme, they’re going to love it.”

ZipZone Peachland boasts 6 of the highest zip lines in Canada. The Leap of Faith costs $59 stand alone, $49 as part of the zip tour and $29 for repeat jumps. Check out ZipZone Peachland for more information on the quickJump Leap of Faith or their zip line tours!