QUICKjump Free Fall Video at Texas Ski Ranch

Micah and Kendra from the Head Rush Tech sales team were in New Braunfels just outside of San Antonio for an EPIC day of adventure and thrills! We got to showcase our QUICKjump Free Fall Device for everyone there and we had more than 50 individuals QUICKjumping!

Sunday Funday with Vooray was held at the Texas Ski Ranch (TSR) on April 13th, 2014. Texas Ski Ranch is a 70-acre action sports paradise located in New Braunfels, TX. Vooray, a lifestyle brand known for its awesome YouTube videos on adventure sports, was there filming the action! Trampoline dodge ball, human bowling, and wakeboarding paint ball were among the extreme sports that people competed in alongside the QUICKjump.

We’d like to thank TSR for having us at their event. We’ve put together a compilation of the best QUICKjumps from the Texas Ski Ranch that you’re sure to enjoy. The best part about being at the Texas Ski Ranch was seeing how excited people were about the QUICKjump. Their reactions were priceless and everyone had a great time.