Adventure Tower at Castle Rock Zip Line Tours

The Adventure Tower run by Castle Rock Zip Line Tours is a structure that offers a multitude of thrilling free fall options. This video highlights the QUICKjump Free Fall Device and makes you feel like you're right there taking the leap. Watch now to see how they incorporated the QUICKjump Free Fall Device in their Adventure Tower.

ZipZone Peachland's Leap of Faith

ZipZone Peachland uses the QUICKjump Free Fall Device to create a Leap of faith element that creates a significant mental and a physical challenge. This attraction requires you to first climb an 80 foot pole and then jump off a platform using a QUICKjump Free Fall Device. This element builds confidence and is insanely fun. Watch this news coverage of a reporter doing the element himself.

Watch Participants Free Fall Using the QUICKjump

Here's a compilation of jumps by QUICKjump thrill-seekers at Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours in Colorado, where they use QUICKjump as an exciting attraction to add to their other available adventure experiences.

Texas Ski Ranch

The Head Rush sales team spent some time outside of San Antonio and got a chance to do some QUICKjumping at Texas Ski Ranch as a result. It was a fun filled day of free falling. Take a look at the reactions of these participants as they take the leap.

Facing Mars: Seven Seconds of Terror

NASA's Houston Space Center used a QUICKjump device to replicate what it is like to descend onto the red planet. They called this attraction Facing Mars and it incorporated other fun activities that encouraged children's interest in science and space. Watch the video of this attraction in action!

QUICKjump Testimonial Video
Olympic Park, Utah

At Utah Olympic Park, one of their highlights is the Drop Tower. Guests take a 371-foot zip line across to the 65-foot-high tower where they can cap their experience with an exhilarating free-fall using the QUICKjump.